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What’s a Conscious Business?

For years, it was considered impolite to discuss religious views or politics over dinner, and it was inappropriate to talk about personal or spiritual values at work. But people are ready for change!! There is a strong trend toward “consciousness”. Consciousness, according to Webster’s, is the capacity to observe, choose, and act in accord with your values. And “conscious business” means applying your personal and spiritual values at every level of your work: in being aware of the needs of others and expressing your own—in seeing the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding your team back—in making good decisions under pressure—and even in delving into such “spiritual” questions as “Who am I?” and “What is my real purpose here?”

In researching companies for his book, A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America, business professor Ian I. Mitroff found that “Spirituality could be the ultimate competitive advantage.” A study reported in MIT’s Sloan Management Review concluded that, “People are hungry for ways in which to practice their spirituality in the workplace without offending their co-workers or causing acrimony.”  The word “spirituality” is used generically and seems to emphasize how one’s beliefs are applied day to day, rather than “religion”, which can invoke fears of dogmatism, exclusivity and proselytizing in the workplace. Rather than compartmentalizing your beliefs apart from your day to day practices, you are able to be a fully integrated, fully expressed human being.

Becoming more conscious in business requires courage and an open mind. If you’re ready to make that leap—and start turning your work into something that cultivates your intelligence, creativity, and integrity — a Conscious Business Coach might be just what you need!


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