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Good Help

Is it true that “you just can’t get good help these days”?   Or is it possible that we attract certain people into our lives for a reason?  We get to choose who we work with when we own the business.  When our business is a reflection of our personal and spiritual values, our employees are also a reflection of those values.  The term “good help” takes on an entirely new dimension.

What are the traits that fit in best with a “conscious business”?  When hiring we generally look for people with the technical skills or job experience that matches the opening we are trying to fill.  We’re not just looking for people with a pulse who can stand upright and make intelligible noises!  The conscious business owner goes further.  He or she looks for workers with a sense of responsibility, integrity, and humility.  They require interpersonal skills:  the ability to communicate authentically and to negotiate constructively.  And finally, emotional mastery is the key to the previous qualities.

How do your employees measure up against this list of attributes?  If you find your staff is lacking any of these critical qualities, you might ask if it’s possible that you are lacking in one or more of these areas yourself.  A couple of my clients are struggling with employee issues and I find the work we are doing to address these issues is much more internal than external.  Sometimes it is easier to look the other way than to confront – but how is that demonstrating responsibility or integrity?

It’s possible you inherited negative staff members or that you hired in a moment of desperation.  Or maybe you simply made a mistake about someone you thought would work out.  Whatever led you to this situation don’t miss the opportunity to become all you want to be in your personal and professional life.


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