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Entrepreneurial Intelligence

One of the reasons I created the Spiritual Entrepreneurs survey (see last week’s post) was because of a working theory I have about entrepreneurs. It’s not new or earth shattering. I simply believe that true entrepreneurs possess a unique kind of intelligence. One of the traits Marsha Sinetar attributes to entrepreneurs is “higher than average spiritual intelligence”. I added questions about this on the survey and have been surprised at a few of the responses. People define this “spiritual intelligence” in widely differing ways. Because of this, they include or exclude themselves from being a “spiritual entrepreneur”. This became evident to me when I followed up with a friend who I would describe as highly spiritually intelligent. On the survey she said she was not. Her definition for spiritual intelligence had more to do with intellectualism than spirituality or intuition. Interesting!

Another theory I have is if you think you are an entrepreneur (spiritual or not) – you probably are one. You might not own or operate your own business… yet… but chances are you will. Another question I have is how is your entrepreneurial spirit affecting the rest of your life, your relationships, and your community?

Interested in taking the survey? There’s still time! http://bit.ly/4V6uRD


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