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Forget the Resolutions!

I hate New Year’s Resolutions!  If you are serious about making a change or changes in your life, don’t make a resolution — create a specific plan of action, build in accountability, and take action!!

Here are  Ten Questions to Start 2010

1.  What problem or seemingly overwhelming challenge did you conquer in the past year, and what is your greatest challenge or unsolved problem that exists in your life right now?

2. In what area of your personal or professional life would you consider yourself most improved, and what area will you focus on this year?

3. In which areas will you improve your personal, family, and spiritual life?

4. How are you going to maximize the use of your time? Where will you cut out the time-wasters in each day?

5. What task or projects have you been putting off that you will take care of within the next two weeks?

6. What challenge, wish or desire–that you’ve never attempted before–will you finally achieve this year and how will you do that?

7. Where are you going to write all of this down so you can review and revise your plans regularly?  When are you going to do that?

8. What will it LOOK like when you accomplish everything you’ve just been thinking about?

9. How good will it FEEL?

10. What will it SOUND like when you achieve these things?

Okay, here’s one more question…

What’s keeping you from doing all this??


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