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Embrace Your Super Powers!

It was my first time visiting a group of women business owners and I was sitting back and taking in the conversation.  I play a game with myself when meeting new people where I try to discern personality types, strengths and what I call Kryptonite – the challenges each person faces such as perfectionism, insecurity, or distractibility.  As I identified natural leaders, strong communicators, and gentle souls, I came back to myself and wondered what these ladies might be thinking about me and my strengths and weaknesses.  Someone asked a question, another made a comment and then I chimed in.  Immediately I noticed the ladies leaning forward, watching my face, taking in what I had to offer on the subject.  They were engaged, interested, and trusting my expertise.  I had influence.  Influence is one of my superpowers and frankly it sometimes catches me by surprise.  Why would a group of people go from zero to trust so quickly?  It’s not because of anything I do consciously.  It isn’t even really because of my training or experience, although they help.  It is due to a natural, God-given strength I have for communicating with authority and for creating trust quickly.  This strength is a gift and a responsibility.  I am empowered with it for a purpose and must use it for good or answer to the One who gave it to me.

What are your Superpowers?  Do you know what they are and how they influence the world around you?  Watch yourself in a group of new acquaintances sometime.  Getting outside of yourself to monitor your behavior and its impact on strangers is a powerful way to discover Superpowers and Kryptonite.  Embrace your Superpowers and put them to work on your road to Success!


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