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Your Belief Quotient

Are your beliefs supporing or sabotaging your success?  I am in the middle of researching a writing a book by the title The Belief Quotient.  The premise is that your beliefs are the lens through which everything in your life is filtered.  Knowing how these beliefs were formed and transforming them can transform your life. 

There are basic beliefs everyone holds regarding their childhood and upbringing, their personality, their abilities, their experiences, and life beyond.  We are aware of many of these beliefs, but often it is the unconscious beliefs we hold that undermine our ability to grow and achieve the results we desire.  We sabotage ourselves with false beliefs based on misunderstandings and misperceptions.  You have probably heard about the Law of Attraction and have thoughts and beliefs about it.  There is one principle relating to the Law of Attraction that is dependent upon belief:  “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”  You become what you focus on and perpetuate what you believe.  Your core beliefs define your limits and boundaries and create the foundation on which you build your life.  We compensate for negative beliefs and create systems for coping and surviving.  Your beliefs are all that stand between you and authentically enjoying who you are and the purpose for which you were designed. 

Take a look at your beliefs.  Listen in on the conversations you have with yourself about who you are and what you do.  Challenge the critical messages that come out of your mouth and the defensive posture you take when you feel threatened.  Trace these beliefs to roots in your childhood or choices made in your family heritage.  Examine them in the light of day and test them to see if they are serving you.  Be open to new messages that you are creative, resourceful and whole… that you were designed to live with purpose and passion… that every resource is available to you to live a life of abundance and joy.


2 thoughts on “Your Belief Quotient

  1. There is a book entailed What is your belief quotient? (2001)

    Dewey Decimal Class


    Library of Congress

    BD215 .S26 2001

    • Thanks for letting me know about your book Dr. Samraj. Your book appears to be more focused on religious belief, while mine is more focused on mindset. I created an assessment tool I have been calling the Belief Quotient that looks at 7 beliefs: resilience, connectedness, initiative, excellence, abundance, faith and purpose. My aim to assist others in identifying beliefs that can be strengthened to create a more successful, fulfilling life.

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