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Brian Tracy’s 1000% Formula

I recently watched a video by Brian Tracy called Increase Your Income 1000%. He says his formula is based on the Japanese Kaizen Formula or the Law of Incremental Improvement which is based on getting better, a little every day. This principle builds on the Momentum principle which says that once you start moving forward, it becomes easier to move forward.

Tracy shared how he created this formula after reflecting on his own success and comparing it with the success he’s seen in his clients. Here’s the 1000% formula:

• Get up 2 hours early

• Invest 1st hour (golden hour) reading something motivational/uplifting

• Make a list – plan you day

• Prioritize your list

• Start at the beginning and work your way through

• Listen to audio programs in your car – equivalent of getting a degree in your field

• After every call (he teaches sales) ask two questions: what did I do right? and what would I do differently next time?

• Treat everyone you meet like a Million Dollar Customer

What part of Tracy’s formula are you already following?  Are these activities supporting your success?  Would it be worth implementing the rest of the formula?  Could it hurt?

Watch the video for yourself: http://motivatetube.com/video/6Pz03hNEVTE/Increasing-Your-Income-1000-Formula.html


Dr. Lisa


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