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The Profit of Rest

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. They don’t work. Instead, I believe in having a focus or theme each year because putting our attention on something makes it stronger. If you want better health, you can put your focus on adding superfoods to your diet. If increased cash flow is something your business needs, you might start every week of a new year with the question, “What is my fastest path to cash?” and doing whatever comes to mind. I’m actually doing both of these things and benefitting from them, but my focus for the year is on REST and RE-CREATION.
PuppyThis theme of REST didn’t sneak up on me quietly. It was like everyone everywhere had conspired to send me the same message. I took a class at my church and discovered a Sabbath retreat was part of the curriculum. I attended a conference and the keynote speaker diverted his talk to focus on our need to recharge. My mom had a stroke and watching her recovery made me recognized the frailty of my flesh and the potential limits to what I can accomplish, especially if I don’t take care. Shortly after this my mentor coach Andrea J. Lee spent the better part of a session convincing me that the profitability and health of my business was intertwined with the generosity of my self-care and the focus I place on my personal health.  Time to rest, recuperate, recharge, and re-create is a key focus for me in my life and my business this year.

We can’t assess where we are and where we want to go until we stop doing. Constant activity can seem productive, but all that productivity will have diminishing returns if it is not focused and strategic. The best strategy comes from quiet contemplation. The best ideas come when I get away from my work and get involved in something that requires very little conscious thought. I love letting my mind wander while showering, drawing, driving, walking, sewing or cleaning. New approaches to problem solving appear and fresh ideas begin to emerge. The elegant simplicity of this strategy should not be missed. It is a paradox: making time and space for rest increases your productivity and profitability.

We’re about a quarter into 2014 and I’ll bet most of your New Year’s Resolutions have faded away. What would it look like if you were to spend the rest of the year focused on caring for the Golden Goose in your business:  YOU!


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