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Proven Profitable Business Model: Your Ideal Customer

ideal-customer-targetA truly profitable business model begins and ends with the customer in mind.  This isn’t a new concept. You’ve heard about target markets and customer segments, but how closely have you been paying attention to your ideal customer? How well do you know who they are, what they want, and why they would choose to do business with you?  The more clarity you have in answering these questions, the more you will be able to charge, create repeat business, and turn customers into raving fans.

You know you have defined your ideal customer if you have answers to these seven questions:

  1. What is broken in their world?  What is the problem they need solved?
  2. What is the solution that only you can offer with your unique combination of skills, experience, products, and services?
  3. What are they willing to pay for this solution?
  4. How do they want the solution delivered? In person? Online? Audio or video? What type of package?
  5. What do you have in common with your customer?  What makes the two of you “click”?
  6. What do you want your customer to expect from you?  How do you want to show up?
  7. Who do you need to be to serve the customers you want to serve?

Are you struggling with clarity on your ideal customer? Knowing your ideal client is the first brick on your fastest path to cash. Contact me for a strategy session and get a free template that will help you map out and target the perfect customer for your business: lisa@VanAllenCoaching.com


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