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Proven Profitable Business Model: Your Delivery System

In finding your fastest path to profitability, we have covered your ideal customer and the value proposition you offer to them. Value propositions are packaged and delivered to customers through a variety of means. It is essential to know how your customer wants to be reached and which systems work best for you. This component of your Proven Profitable Business Model relies heavily on communicating with your customers. You will use your delivery system todelivery-man

  • Raise awareness about the Value you have on offer
  • Help your potential customers evaluate the Value you offer
  • Make your products and services available in a way that is cost-efficient and effective
  • Deliver the products and services
  • Provide support after the purchase has been made

You bridge the gap between your products/services and your customer when you raise awareness of the offer you have available. Some call this marketing, but truly it is an education campaign. And while you are educating customers about the Value on offer, you give them opportunities to evaluate whether that offer is right for them. Your goal is not to convince your prospect to buy, but to help them come to a clear “yes” or “no” as to whether this is the right purchase for them at this time. Once the decision has been made, you need to have a simple process for customers to make their purchase safely and for you to deliver that product in a timely manner. If your Delivery System is broken at this point, you will never create repeat business or word of mouth referrals. Finally, you must consider how you plan to support your customer once the purchase has been made.  The higher the price of the product, the more a customer expects in the way of guarantees, customer service and on-going support.

Create a clear, clean Delivery System and you are well on your way to the fastest path to profitability!

Is your Delivery System broken somewhere? Need help in creating a way to deliver your value to customers? Contact me for a complimentary strategy session and a free template at lisa@vanallencoaching.com


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