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Proven Profitable Business Model: Your Raving Fans

In this series on the 9 Bricks to Build Your Fastest Path to Profit, you’ve read about ideal customers, value propositions, and delivery systems. All too often business owners stop here, and fail to create raving fans. Raving fans are the result of strong customer relationships. When a customer has an amazing experience, they want to tell friends and family about it and become your best marketing agent.  You have solved their problem and created undeniable proof and your raving fan will do three things for you:

  • Raving fans stay with you. It is much easier to sell subsequent products and services to an existing customer than to find new customers. Repeat business is cost-effective and profitable.
  • Raving fans buy more from you. Not just the original product or service, but the next level you have on offer. This is called up-selling, and when you have created a raving fan, you have uncovered the next need they are experiencing. It is easy to do.crowd-happy
  • Raving fans bring new business. Customers who are happy with their experience with you and your products and services buy more, buy higher priced items, and they bring new customers into your business.

There are a number of ways you can create an incredible customer experience and raving fans. Depending on your offer and your customer’s needs, consider how you can create personalized service, self-service, or automated services. Take a look at whether you can build a community where your customers offer mutual support and exchange information, essentially becoming your advocate. You might even enlist customers in co-creating new offers as they share their experiences and ideas with you about new and improved products.

What kind of relationship do you want to have with your customers, and how do you plan to create raving fans?  Need help?  Contact me for a complimentary strategy session and free template at lisa@vanallencoaching.com.


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