Beyond the Blinders

Blinders are used to train horses to look only where they are supposed to look – straight in front of them. As humans we often voluntarily wear blinders. We plod through life unconsciously without looking past the image right in front of us. But in order to embrace life to the fullest, we must look beyond the blinders. We need to look within, without, around, and up.

A Conscious Business Coach helps business owners and entrepreneurs remove the blinders. It might be through an investigation of the self through the use of tools like the Myers Briggs or the Passion Test. It could be an assessment of how relationships are functioning through a 360 degree feedback process. It could be a review of a business or strategic plan, including operational and marketing strategies. While the scope can seem very broad, the focus is not. The chief aim of a Conscious Business Coach is to assist others in creating a life map that will help them navigate without blinders, conscious and aware, intentional and fully expressed. This kind of life map or plan allows its owner to blend passion and purpose with profit.