Sustaining Faith

For several months, the community where I live has been agonizingly stretched with the tension created when fear tries to erode faith. Two little girls were abducted while out riding their bikes on a sunny July day. The police searched, the families made pleas, churches prayed, businesses put up posters and thousands of people held hope in their hearts that the girls would be found. Yesterday their bodies were found dumped in a wildlife conservation area 30 miles from home.

Questions pour out of our hearts when something tragic like this happens. How could anyone be so evil?  What is wrong with our community that this could happen? How do we keep our children safe? Why were our prayers unanswered? Why would God let two innocent children suffer? Fear seeking to erode faith.

Faith clings to truth when fear throws confusion in our faces. Faith knows that Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins were and still are loved. Faith believes they are in a better place. Faith expects that justice will be served. Faith holds the families as they grieve and helps parents around the area know how to protect their children without adding to their fear.

Faith gives us the strength to take the next step on the path toward purpose. Faith is a choice. Faith is a belief that is applied not out of ignorance, but with determination that tomorrow will be a better day.

Whatever challenge you are facing, hold on to faith!


Lyric Cook & Elizabeth Collins