Living with a Lie

Every day I talk with people who struggle with what I call the “Fraud Factor”. The Fraud Factor shows up when your internal self fails to match up with your external persona. You have created an image that actually is covering up for the inadequacies your feel inside. Unfortunately, the “glittering image” (to borrow from Susan Howatch) takes over and we even lose ourselves in the false image. We live in fear that our internal self will be exposed. We live with a lie.
All this stems from a sense of inadequacy or worthlessness. I so surprised as a young woman to learn I was not alone in feeling this way – that in fact most people live with a lie. Until we can claim our authentic selves, accept and nurture them, we drag the Fraud Factor through our lives, our relationships, and our business.
Take a look at a video I did on this – and then leave me your thoughts… I’d love to start a deep discussion on this subject!

What is the lie you live with?