Spiritual Intuition & Business Decisions

A couple weeks ago I wrote about being cautious of “experts”.  The saga of  ‘the out of control business consultant’ continues.  He and his partner are using their power of influence and knowledge of psychology and strategy to demean, harass and abuse people who think they need his wisdom.  It’s appalling to watch.  It’s embarrassing to recognize my own failure to identify a sociopath sooner.  Yes – even psychologists can make mistakes!  I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I talked myself into tolerating his behavior and poor boundaries.  It feels so good to be free from that toxic relationship, but hurts to watch others continue to suffer.

There is such an important lesson to be learned here.  I now realize how I was blinded.  I failed to invoke what Carolyn Myss calls the Grace of Reverence.  In her new book, Defy Gravity, Myss talks about reverence being the root grace of the intuitive system.  I needed to listen and trust my own heart and the Divine guidance speaking into it.  When my survival instincts were alerted, my sense of justice toward others, my fight-or-flight response, and my sense of integrity were heightened.  Then the questions started, how does this fit with my purpose? Do I have meaning in this situation? What is my unique vision?  Quiet reflection grounded me and set me back on my true path – one of a spiritually conscious entrepreneur.

Have you found yourself experiencing a psychic assault?  A crisis of faith?  A loss of purpose? A need for clarity?  Meditate on Carolyn Myss’ Prayer for Reverence:

“I invoke the grace of Reverence so that I might be one with all life and that my life might serve the whole.  I ask that this grace alert me to all that I do that keeps me separated from my vital life force, so that I might make wiser choices.  I ask that this grace alert me to when I am compromising my intuitive guidance because I don’t like what I am hearing.  I ask for the courage to hear what I must hear and to act on the guidance given to me.”