Beware of “Experts”

I recently ran into someone calling himself an expert in business coaching and in personality assessment.  Sadly this gentleman is neither.  He is actually a business consultant – who knows just enough about personality profiling to be dangerous.
A business consultant is different than a coach.  A consultant is hired to share his/her expertise in a specific area.  A coach has expertise, but that knowledge and training is shared only with permission as the client sets the agenda and the coach uses powerful questions to pull the wisdom and knowledge from the client.

I admit I am biased.  I love coaching because it sees the client as creative, resourceful and very capable of making informed choices about his/her business.   I do some consulting with my clients, especially in the areas of sales psychology and social media.  But even then, the client is in the driver’s seat, setting the pace, choosing the direction.

You can probably tell – this “expert” left a very bad taste behind.  I heard him tell people how ignorant they were and how desperately they needed to trust and obey his every word.  Too often we allow this kind of consultant to run rampant over our lives because we believe we need something he/she has.  Don’t believe it.  Recognize the power residing in your heart.  Trust your intuition.  You do not need a guru!  A true coach will treat you with honor and respect.  They will bring out your strengths and empower you to live beyond your weaknesses.