Meaningful Purpose

I shouldn’t have been surprised.  There are seven traits of a “spiritual entrepreneur” identified by authors like Marsha Sinetar and Nikos Mourkogiannis or “conscious business owners” described by Fred Kofman:  inventive inclination, authentic focus, meaningful purpose, figuring out skills, risk taking effectiveness, strategic long term outlook, and spiritual intelligence.  Of the entrepreneurs taking my Spiritual Entrepreneurs survey, all of them felt they had a sense of “meaningful purpose”.   All the rest of the traits were rated in varying degrees, with risk-taking effectiveness being the lowest.  Purpose.  That sense of who you are, why you are here, what you are called to do.  It is an essential trait that, in my opinion, enables someone who is not all that comfortable with risk, to take a leap of faith and pursue the passion and vision that leads them to create a new business.

Have you found your purpose?  Are you fulfilling that calling?