Getting Unstuck

Yesterday I had a completely open afternoon. This doesn’t happen often, and I set an outrageous goal to use the time writing copy for my website, blog and newsletter.

I got nothing done.

Well, I did have a nice lunch. I pet my dog. I took off my chipped nail polish. I played a game. I talked (briefly) to a prospective client. I did a little research for one page. I played another game… You get the drift.

Every time I went to that open Word document where I was planning to place awe-inspiring words of wisdom my mind went blank. It’s not the first time I’ve gotten stuck. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last.

Getting stuck happens for a lot of reasons…stuck

– I’m worried about what others will think of my finished product.

– I’m trying too hard to be brilliant when great or even good enough would be good enough.

– I’m tired and need a break.

– I’m unsure of the direction I want to go because of all the wonderful possibilities.

Those are my top reasons for being stuck.  What are yours?

Here’s a secret tool for getting unstuck:  Do something – anything — in the crappiest way possible. Seriously! Do a lousy job on purpose.  And then go back and fix it if you must. Or throw it away. But Do Something!  Any motion in any direction is motion. Momentum is created from motion.  It’s easier to get going in the right direction once you get moving.

So get going. Do something as poorly as you can. I dare you!